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Code Product
200411 Brodifacoum Paste Bait 300g
200410 Bromard Gel Bait 300g
200287 Bromakil Grain Bait 500g
200283 Bromakil Grain Bait 2kg
200295 Bromakil Grain Bait 4kg
200282 Bromakil Grain Bait 15kg
220535 Bromakil Rodent Blocks 140g
200291 Bromakil Rat Blocks 500g
200292 Bromakil Rat Blocks 2kg
200293 Bromakil Rat Blocks 5kg
200294 Bromakil Rat Blocks 10kg
200279 Bromakil P-Pellets 1kg
200296 Bromakil P-Pellets 3.4 kg
200288 Bromakil P-Pellets 10kg
200284 Bromakil Rat Drink 500ml
200286 Bromakil Rat Drink 5Ltr
200308 Rentokil Advanced-Kil Blocks 400g
200309 Rentokil Advanced-Kil Blocks 800g
340794 Gastion Belts Large 3.4kg
340749 Gastion Grain Tablets 100’s 300g
340796 Gastion Grain Tablets 500’s 1.5kg
340725 Rentokil Jumbo Fly Traps
340723 Rentokil Fly Traps
340726 Rentokil Fly Replacement Baits
341703 ExTerm Termite, Spider & Insect Killer 1Ltr
220514 Chek-Pest Residual Insecticide 100ml
220506 Borer Insecticide 100ml
340730 Rentokil Wasp Eliminator 500g
200406 Rentokil Alphachlorolose Bird Control Agent
36098E Rentokil Mouse Bait Box
36096E Rentokil PRO Bait Box
340810 Advanced Mouse Trap Twin Pack
340811 Advanced Rat Trap
360951 Live Capture Mouse Trap
311111 Multi Catch Live Capture Mouse Trap
360970 Rentokil Live Capture Pro Mouse Trap
340816 Wooden Mouse Trap Twin Pack
340822 Wooden Rat Trap
340905 Victor Sonic Mini PestChaser Twin Pack
340906 Victor PestChaser Pro Sonic Repeller
340901 Victor Mouse Glue Board Twin Pack
340904 Victor Mouse Glue Tray Twin Pack
340903 Victor Rat Glue Tray Twin Pack
340902 Victor Rat Glue Board Twin Pack
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